The Airport Library is an initiative of Stichting Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek (CPNB).

About 40 million trade books are sold in the Netherlands each year with a total turnover of some 500 million Euros. Since 1930, Dutch publishers and booksellers have cooperated in promoting trade books; in 1983 this task was allotted to the CPNB, a foundation set up in Amsterdam. The CPNB aims to encourage the habits of book reading and book buying. Each CPNB campaign has its own mix of two strands, one idealistically promoting reading, the other, more commercially, encouraging the public to visit their local bookshop. In 2016 CPNB generated more than 30 successful campaigns.

Collaborative partners

The Airport Library is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Concerning the Airport Library CPNB collaborates with various (cultural) organisations in the Netherlands, they donate books, images, give advice or participate in events. There is a list of all partners on the partner page. Special mention is in place for the Dutch Foundation for Literature with who the Airport Library has a cooperation agreement. They give advice and donate translated Dutch literature to the Airport Library. They also think along with us about the events and the organisation of exhibitions in the showcase of the Airport Library. 

The previous Airport Library

From 2011 to 2014 there was already an Airport Library at Schiphol, the first library ever at an airport. In 3,5 years' time this library attracted more than 1.25 million visitors and was repeatedly proclaimed by foreign visitors as one of the best places to stay at Schiphol. In 2014 the Airport Library was closed due to major renovation of the Holland Boulevard by Schiphol. This Airport Library was an initiative of a group of library organisations: Probiblio, Association of Public Libraries of the Netherlands and the Public libraries of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer. The concept was then developed and realized by Probiblio.

In 2017, CPNB opened the new and renewed Airport Library. Probiblio, supported by the experience they have gained, assits the current Airport Library with help and advice.