About Airport Library

Airport Library at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the world’s first airport library and a much copied example around the world. The library has repeatedly been proclaimed by foreign visitors as one of the best places to stay at Schiphol, and has been featured in The New York Times. Airport Library is located on the Holland Boulevard, after security at Schiphol. This is the area where passengers traveling outside the Schengen countries can relax while waiting for their (connecting) flight. Here they can get acquainted with what Dutch art and culture has to offer. 

"At Schiphol, an Unlikely Sanctuary of Books"

The New York Times, Sept. 15, 2010

How does it work?

At Airport Library you can find books by Dutch authors or on subjects relating to he country’s history and culture. Browse through Dutch literature classics, history books and children’s literature, and marvel at the most inspiring Dutch art, design and architecture. There's something for everyone! A sticker on the cover of each book identifies it as part of the Airport Library collection. The collection is meant to be read on site and left on the shelves for others to use. There are two boxes where travellers can leave their copies of used/finished books, which can be taken home. 

Airport Library offers travelers:

  • 500 books by Dutch authors, translated into over forty languages;
  • art books, history books and books about the city of Amsterdam;
  • digital screens showing varying presentations about Dutch culture;
  • varying exhibitions, mostly about Dutch literature;
  • a selection of the best Dutch music (audio & video).

Airport Library is cared for daily by four retired library professionals, the ‘airport librarians’. One of them has over a thousand followers on Twitter and tweets regularly about his activities. Follow her @airprtlibrarian.