About Airport Library

The Airport Library at Schiphol is a hotspot to inspire you, but also to reflect. A combination of new media and the trusted paper books.

The Airport Library offers travelers in the area after security, while they're waiting for their flight:

  • 500 translated books from Dutch authors
  • 41 languages
  • books about 9 different topics: Literature, Children's books, History, Art, Photography, Design, Best Dutch Book Designs, Amsterdam and Architecture.
  • 3 digital touchscreens
  • 2 showcases with changing exhibits
  • 1 Ipad with access to the largest music library in the Netherlands
  • all this in 2 bookcases made of 5.500 written off books from Dutch libraries.

And of course endless hours of reading pleasure.

How does it work?

In the Airport Library you can read Dutch literature or children's books, from classics to the latest publications. Browse through photo books, marvel at the most beautiful Dutch art, design and architecture or immerse yourself in Dutch history. There's something for everyone. 
The intention is that the books that belong to the Airport Library (recognizable by a sticker and/ or a stamp in the inside) remain in the Airport Library, this way other travelers can also enjoy them. 

There are two literature boxes where travelers can leave their own finished books for other travelers and of course these can be taken. 

There are three digital touchscreens. On one of the screens you can see digital exhibitions from the collections of Dutch cultural institutions. On another screen there is a large map of the world where people can leave tips from destinations they have traveled to or from where they come from. The third screen is still under development and will be released in 2018. Finally there is an Ipad connected to "Muziekweb", the largest music library in the Netherlands. 



Holland Boulevard

The Airport Library is located on Holland Boulevard, the area where passengers traveling outside the Schengen countries can relax in a fun way while waiting for their (connecting) flight. Here they can get acquainted with what Dutch art and culture has to offer. In addition to the Airport Library there is a museum shop, experiments by Science Museum Nemo and a piano for everyone's use on the Holland Boulevard.