Discover the best Dutch music!

Visitors of Airport Library have the opportunity to get acquainted with highlights of Dutch international orientated pop music, dance, jazz, soloists and composers. They can listen to the music and watch the matching videos on their own mobile device.

By scanning a QR code visitors are led to a mobile website with five selections of ten tracks each. Every track has a short description and a direct link to a YouTube video.

Together the fifty tracks offer an overview of Dutch music from 15th century composer Jacob Obrecht to world’s top DJ Martin Garrix. In between there is the music of Shocking Blue (pop), Junkie XL (dance), Mischa Mengelberg (jazz), Janine Jansen (soloists), Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (composers) and many more.  

The musical service is developed in cooperation with Muziekweb, the music library of the Netherlands.