Dutch architecture and visual art abroad

Visitors of Airport Library can get acquainted with works of Dutch architects and visual artist in their own country, but now with a new application.

A Cuban traveller can still see that Museo Nacional des Belles Artes in Havana presents Portrait of a lady (1677) of Nicolaes Maes. And along the Cheonggyecheon, a stream in the city centre of Seoul, stands the giant object Spring (2006) by Coosje van Bruggen. But the new application is more attractive, easier to use and stimulates to look further.

Of each of the more than 200 works of art, spread across over 100 cities in about 40 countries, the application shows a photo with a short description of the work of art. The photos are also presented on six smaller screens in an automated random 24/7 sequence. The works of art are selected by Codart and art historians Fabienne Chiang and Marcel Teunissen.