The Airport Library is located on the Holland Boulevard at Schiphol, after the passport control section if you are traveling outside the Schengen countries. The Airport Library is therefore only accessible when you travel or if you have a transfer at Schiphol and you sometimes have to spend a couple of hours at the airport. 
Several cultural intitutions can be found around the Airport Library, among other things, a branch of the Rijksmusuem (now temporarily closed due to construction work) and Nemo Science Museum. The Holland Boulevard has about six million visitors annually, so that is an average of almost 16.500 visitors a day!

View the map and facilities on the Holland Boulevard. 

A library made of books

The Airport Library has a unique design, the library itself is made of books. The two cabinets consist of 5.500 old library books that are used as bricks, in this case book bricks. The books were donated by libraries throughout the Netherlands. The cabinets also have touchscreens with specially made programs. Because of the many seats in and around the Airport Library, travelers have enough opportunity to read a book.

The design is from Superuse Studios from Rotterdam and executed by Issos in Aalsmeer. 

Dydell provided the special lighting that can display different colors on different days or times in order to connect with current events. 

Dazzleware has developed the software on the touchscreens in the Airport Library.

An Ipad gives access to Muziekweb, the music library of the Netherlands.