The Airport Library has a collection of around 500 books, which is available to all visitors. Since Schiphol is the most international location in the Netherlands, the books are available in over 40 languages. From Spanish to Georgian and from English to Vietnamese and even some in Braille. The books in the Airport Library all have a Dutch author or a specific Dutch subject. After all, the library aims to be an introduction for the international traveler with Dutch literature, art and culture. 


Of course there is a large selection of literature and children's books available. There are also books in seven different genres:

Within the genres the most obvious subjects are treated, but also surprising and less well-known. There are of course books about Van Gogh, Anne Frank, Rietveld and Rembrandt, but also books about Mecannoo, Pastoe and Marcel van Eeden. 



The collection is formed in close cooperation with the Dutch Foundation for Literature, which supports authors and translators and stimulates Dutch literature abroad. They give advice and donate translated new books and classics from Dutch literature to the Airport Library. In addition, several museums have donated or offered books at purchase price, including the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Foundation Gispen Collection, and Special Collections from the University of Amsterdam. You can find a complete list on the partner page. 

The collection is registered every quarter of a year and supplemented when necessary.