Airport Library represents the Dutch public library service. The initiative was taken in the fall of 2006 by a small group of library organisations: ProBiblio, the Netherlands Organisation for Public Libraries and the public libraries of Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and Delft. This small group developed the outlines of the concept of Airport Library. From the start ProBiblio, a service organisation for libraries in the provinces of North- and South-Holland has been in charge of managing the project. The project manager of the auxiliary branch of the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol operated as an advisor.

After the opening day on July 15, 2010, Airport Library is governed by a board of three representatives, the managing directors of ProBiblio and of the public libraries of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer. The Public Library of Amsterdam, because Airport Library is on Amsterdam Airport and the Public Library of Haarlemmermeer because the airport geographically lies within the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

Airport Library is made possible by a variety of partners contributing to either the collection or providing financial support. Several national cultural organisations who value the international promotion of their part of Dutch culture, such as literature or music, made their contribution to the collection.

A few of these organisations also provide financial means for the exploitation of Airport Library. But other partners are more important in this matter. Main sponsor is the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Schiphol Group, owner of the airport, is also considered a main sponsor by offering Airport Library an attractive deal. The other sponsors are all library organisations.

Airport Library is a welcoming and inspiring library that, with its compact and high- quality collection of books and digital media, offers intercontinental travellers at Schiphol a showcase of Dutch art and culture.

Airport Library aims to achieve its mission by realising a permanently accessible library in a daring design, with expert and interested staff and offering a high-quality, imaginative and captivating collection. Airport Library is a joint responsibility of the Dutch libraries.

Success factors:

  • Acceptance in the sector
  • A compact and high-quality collection
  • Enthusiastic and cooperative staff

Download the Annual report 2012 (only in Dutch).