Schiphol is a popular airport for transfers. On a yearly basis eighteen million travellers spend some time in the area behind passport control. Waiting a few hours for a connecting flight is not unusual. This makes this location an excellent spot for a short introduction to the Netherlands.

Airport Library is at the front of Holland Boulevard, next to the Rijksmuseum. Furthermore, on the boulevard, with about six million visitors each year, there are a casino, a baby care unit, a children’s play area, a massage parlour and numerous places for eating and drinking.

Within the space of 90m2 Airport Library has created a very stylish environment. The design is by MVArchitects supported by Hanratharchitect, and is focused on fun and relaxation.

Passers-by cannot possibly miss the three high towering bookshelves with translated Dutch literature. This is a library! Visitors can read the books at a large table. On the nine built-in iPads it is possible to listen to music, or watch films about Dutch architects, designers or artists.

For those who prefer a more relaxing way of listening there are a few easy chairs with iPads on the armrests and speakers in the headrest.

See plan and facilities on Holland Boulevard.